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01 June 2009 @ 09:09 pm
[Snit] - Peggy M04963 Salvage Attempt  

· [Snit] - Peggy M04963 Salvage Attempt ·

Imported from electrietti, April 05, 2009.

Well, this one took particularly longer than most hair projects I did. I did think this Peggy mesh had some potential... even if it's... erm, a bit on the iffy side, yes. After some chopping and slicing, it kind of looked like a blend of what kids wear these days.

So if your sims are like Those Kids from These Days, then by all means, get this hair for them or something.

Fine print:
I'm not going to hide, you might want to take a look at the silliness that shows up in the later ages (p-t passes, adult is iffy to the extreme). I tried to remedy this with a bit of remeshing (mainly to fix that scalp), but I got impatient after the 16th failed try.

It's not too visible if you zoom out and look at the other angles of course, so if you can live with that, go ahead. It was also another problem in the original hair, and further extending ruined the whole feel of the style I wanted already, so this is the furthest compromise I think I could go. I would look at it again, but I'm tired of the alphas already.

Box.net or Mediafire (7.9MB)
Solid Unnaturals by nissisaures (thank you!)

With special thanks to quinctia for removing redundant textures and at the same time teaching me how to. Her edited packages are the ones you downloaded (as of 06/08/09)!

With credit and thanks to Nouk and Liegenschonheit for their hair textures, which are blended together to make the texture for the hair.