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21 June 2010 @ 08:26 pm
ncarinae : Well, well, well! After a year and a half's hiatus, sixsixsims is updating. Somewhat, that is. Overall, the stress of school and the painfully-easy-yet-somehow-too-much-to-do-for-a-lazy-person FTP uploading became too much for our humble little site. The later years of 66S were a joint operation between ncarinae and electrietti . As a result, the glorious mushypixel has been chosen by its kind mod to host archive files from our forgotten site.

As the site Sixsixsims phases out, the downloads once provided there will now be offered here for those who would still like a chance to download them. Included are all of Ana and Electrietti's files from the previous site, as well as some other goodies resulting from the WNF Aspiration series never uploaded to sixsixsims. If any more information is necessary, please contact us individually about our own files. Enjoy!

✿ ANA'S 66S FILE ARCHIVECollapse )
✿ ELECTRIETTI'S 66S FILE ARCHIVE + extrasCollapse )
✿ WNF ArchivesCollapse )
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"Restore From Saved Draft" MY ASS. Anyway...

[Underpass03] - Peggy Mh090514 Alpha Edit + Retexture ·
download + (3) previewsCollapse )

· [marmalade] - raon f34 "nouked" + alpha-edited ·
previews + download linkCollapse )

· [non-etcetera] - 8-piece simple wallpaper set ·
it looks kind of better under the cutCollapse )
01 June 2009 @ 09:09 pm

· [Snit] - Peggy M04963 Salvage Attempt ·
download + previewsCollapse )