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21 June 2010 @ 08:26 pm
SixSixSims Archive  
ncarinae : Well, well, well! After a year and a half's hiatus, sixsixsims is updating. Somewhat, that is. Overall, the stress of school and the painfully-easy-yet-somehow-too-much-to-do-for-a-lazy-person FTP uploading became too much for our humble little site. The later years of 66S were a joint operation between ncarinae and electrietti . As a result, the glorious mushypixel has been chosen by its kind mod to host archive files from our forgotten site.

As the site Sixsixsims phases out, the downloads once provided there will now be offered here for those who would still like a chance to download them. Included are all of Ana and Electrietti's files from the previous site, as well as some other goodies resulting from the WNF Aspiration series never uploaded to sixsixsims. If any more information is necessary, please contact us individually about our own files. Enjoy!

For me, Ana, the downloads are categorized by their update time in bulk uploads of about 5-6 files each. They come complete with meshes and preview pictures that correspond to their .rar files for easy navigation. 

1. Update 08.11.07 - DOWNLOAD

2. Update 09.09.07 - DOWNLOAD

3. Update 10.15.07 - DOWNLOAD

4. Update Halloween 07 - DOWNLOAD

5. Update 12.04.07 - DOWNLOAD

6. Update 01.29.08 - DOWNLOAD

7. Update 05.13.08 - DOWNLOAD

8. Update 07.05.08 - DOWNLOAD

9. Update 10.05.08 - DOWNLOAD 

PRE-8/11/07 UPDATES. These come in larger packs of about 8 or 9 files on average. These were from the days when I clearly had no idea how to file my packages or organize my site properly, so they are not available in bite-sized update packs. The only difference between the two, however, is average pack size. All meshes are included for the sake of ease. If you see your mesh in the file and would like it removed, please contact me and I will gladly do so.

1. [TF] Update Pack 1 - DOWNLOAD

2. [TF] Update Pack 2 - DOWNLOAD

3. [TF] Update Pack 3 - DOWNLOAD

4. [TF] Update Pack 4 - DOWNLOAD

5. [TM] Update Pack 5 - DOWNLOAD

6. [TM] Update Pack 6 - DOWNLOAD

electrietti  :

✿ Teen Males:

Last Bouquet / Endless Crash / Anti-Pop / Geekish Pink / Worn Out
(mesh [PUNKCHIQE]!SIXSIXSIMS[MESH!]___TrinketFraility_TeenMale.package is included with Anti Pop.)

✿ Teen Females:

Red Red Red / I lost this one :( / Saturation+76

✿ Hairstyles

Equilateral / Sparse / Pussyfoot Boy & Girl / Parallel (Raon F51 Nouked)

PREVIOUS WNF ASPIRATION SETS: These are some later creations that we made for the various WNF Aspiration sets, which have now all expired, so they are up for download here. Most of these were never put on the 66S site itself, so they are relatively new to those not familiar with WNF itself. Meshes are included. Pictures are not included, since they are separate packages most of the time and previews were made en masse.

ncarinae :

1. Crystal Age - Peggy Hair Recolor - DOWNLOAD

2. Steampunk Youth - TF and TM Outfit - DOWNLOAD

3. Rihannalike - 2 TF Outfits - DOWNLOAD

4. Dita - 2 TF Dresses - DOWNLOAD

5. Sugar and Spice - 5 TF Outfits - DOWNLOAD

6. Confidential - 2 TF, 1 TM Outfit DOWNLOAD

7. Futuristic Facial Tattoos - DOWNLOAD

8. Daft Punk Eyecovers - DOWNLOAD

9. Technonecks Digital Necklaces - DOWNLOAD

10. Harlequin - Five TF Formal Dresses DOWNLOAD

11. Pink & Black - Two TF Dresses - DOWNLOAD

12. Formalities - 2 TM Outfits DOWNLOAD

13. Valentines Pretty and Dandy - TF and TM Outfit - DOWNLOAD

electrietti :

Colour Previews / Download: This Sh!t Is Generic
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fredface: dir en grey // in the moonless nightariad on June 24th, 2010 09:46 pm (UTC)
Yay! It's great to see content from you guys again! :) Taking a whole bunch of the WNF sets. Love the use of color and detail. ♥ Thank so much!
Ana V: purplegirlncarinae on June 25th, 2010 04:09 am (UTC)
Very glad you think so! Hope you enjoy everything you snag, it's our pleasure to offer it to both new eyes and old! ♥