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18 May 2009 @ 03:33 pm
☑ "Terms" of use

❶ It's fine to upload individual items with whole uploads (for example, a full sim or a lot). Please avoid uploading into pay sections.

❷ It's fine to redistribute the items (as is) found here, individual or as a whole set, for whatever reason. Also known as file-sharing.

❸ Freely build upon the projects found here, for sharing to free sites or personal use. It would be appreciated if you mentioned one line of credit + a link back here, so that if people ask, they'll quickly know where to go!

❹ Do not take credit for the downloads. It is common courtesy to not parade around saying you did all of it! If you modified them, a little mention is appreciated.
The current layout is a modified version of "Fulcrum" from  introject